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Rehabilitation and complementary training for horses


Why Water Treadmill?

The equilibrium of the horse improves as it uses all four legs equally, walking in water compared to when it doesn't walk in water. The water treadmill can be used for injured as well as healthy horses.

Why Treadmill?

The advantage of the treadmill is that you can train the horse without the riders weight under controlled conditions. Thus, this is an excellent training tool during rehabilitation.

Why Therapeutic SPA?

Cooling horses legs occurs in a variety of variants, ranging from cold water to clay wraps. Therapeutic Spa provides the most effective form of cooling available today to cool the horse's lower legs.

Why HästRehab?

At Skönabäck's facility located centrally in Skåne with proximity to airports and ports as well as all major cities in southern Sweden, you will find HästRehab by Skönabäck Sweden, one of southern Sweden's largest rehab centers for horses. We are equipped with Therapeutic Spa, Aqua Trainer, treadmill, vibrating floor and solarium.

Our staff has great knowledge, experience and professionalism to ensure that you and your horse receive the best service and care. Our goal is to shorten the rehabilitation time for your horse after being injured, so that it faster can get back to exercise and competition. In addition, our rehab also works great for complementary training of horses.

We offer accommodation for longer rehabilitation or training. Accomodate your horse with us, weekly or monthly, and let us prepare it for a new successful season at the race track or competition field.

In addition to this, "Daytime-SPA" is also offered, ie individual treatments or alternatively clip cards of 10 treatments. Of course, all disciplines are welcome: jumping, dressage, western, trotting, galloping, Icelandic horses and ponies etc. Our rehab center is just as suitable for competition horses as for hobby horses. 

NOTE! Many people have rehab supplements in their insurance without using it? Check your insurance, so you do not miss a deduction on your treatment with us!

We would also like to inform you that we cooperate WasaKredit, who gives you the opportunity to finance your costs and pay by installment plan.  

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